Field Services

Cabba Auto Electrical offer a range of field services to our customers.

Call Craig on 0488 876 274 if you have a breakdown.
Tester — Auto Electrics in Cudgen NSW


Cabba Auto Electrical are experts at auto-electrical diagnostics, and we can test your vehicle to uncover any faults. We conduct diagnostic testing on local and imported vehicles. This can assist in eliminating problematic starting, slow acceleration, misfiring or intermittent stalling.

Our Snap-On brand Modis diagnostic system will highlight any issues with your engine, electronic fuel or ignition system. It is fully portable and can display 4 components at once, uncovering the problem quicker.

Contact our team today to conduct diagnostic services on your vehicle. We are happy to consult with you on the problem, before conducting our own tests to ensure we fix it right the first time.