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Cabba Auto Electrical have been carrying out air-conditioning installation and repairs in the greater Tweed Coast region for over twenty years.

Air-conditioning systems need to be maintained for them to be in ideal working order during the warmer months.
Without regular servicing, you may find your car will have issues such as cracked drive belts, blocked airflow, or may just be low on air-conditioner gas.

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Vehicle Air Conditioning Tweed Coast

Most air-conditioning systems lose gas slowly through the hoses or seals, particularly as the system ages. As the gas can escape, moisture can also seep through, causing a build up in the system.

A regular air-conditioner service will reduce the possibility of system damage or breakdowns at a later date. A visual inspection of belts, hoses and seals can uncover any potential work that may be required.

Our air-conditioning service includes running a pressure test to assess the performance of the system, and the gas level. If necessary, we will evacuate the gas to ensure the system is then re-gassed to the correct level. We will also carry out a leak test once the re-gassing is complete.

Air Conditioning Services

Other air-conditioning services we offer include:
  • Replacement of worn or faulty parts
  • Disinfecting the system to remove odours
  • Retrofitting of older systems to be R14a compliant
  • Blockage removal
  • Compressor replacement and servicing
  • Diagnose and repair faulty components
If you have any questions about air-conditioner service or repairs, be sure to contact us for reliable, friendly advice.